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The Crimson Emperor Wim Baren

The Crimson Emperor

Wim Baren

Published January 28th 2015
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Nothing was ordinary in Imperial Byzantium…Heir to a weapons-making dynasty, Romulus Demantius makes himself into an extraordinary soldier and leader. He becomes a commander of men in the Imperial Legions, and possesses almost superhuman strength.But the Imperial host is swayed by a centurion with an audacious Heaven-inspired hidden mission - to take the throne for himself. Our hero’s innocent friendship and loyalty with this man helps him rise to the heights of power, but it is a deadly double-edged sword.Two women of surpassing beauty gaze upon our hero with powerful feelings, at first of interest, and then becoming too strong for either to deny. One is the beautiful youngest child of a well-to-do silks merchant. The other is a proud and imperious daughter of a vastly wealthy and noble Patrician family, herself possessing an unearthly loveliness.Each struggles with her feelings. Each realizes she is hopelessly in love, and seeks ways to capture his heart and soul for her own. One of them is bound to triumph, but which will it be?Romulus also unwittingly becomes the target of a murderous hatred by one Patrician, and the deadly enmity of another commander in the Imperial Guards. Each is obsessed with their dreadful revenge. Each plots ceaselessly to achieve their unholy ambitions.These twists and turns threaten his very life, and the lives of those dearest to him. Even his family’s escape from the capital to another city cannot free him from his enemies’ flying vengeance and horrific triumphs.Battles and warfare, dark intrigues, and the softly bittersweet pangs of Love surround the hero all through this tale.He is carried through life-threatening events, dreadful acts of bloody revenge and treachery, and ultimately terrible losses of almost everything he has that is dear to him, until he arrives at the end, at which, unknown to him, his heart’s greatest desire awaits…