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Snowbound Sarah  Winter


Sarah Winter

Kindle Edition
242 pages
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 About the Book 

Do you stick to whats comfortable and familiar? Are you willing to take risks in the pursuit of your happiness? These are the questions that River Tennison and Liam Freeman must face, along with the dangers of a terrific blizzard that strikes western Wyoming.River, a resourceful and smart housekeeper, has suffered a great deal of grief and loss in her life. She moved away from the city of Cody to the isolated Sleepy W Ranch, where she has flourished in her solitude. Shes even dating a man shed be crazy not to settle down with, but still feels as if theres something missing. Her life is simple, familiar and constant, but not what she had once dreamed.Liam is a busy English actor who never takes a break to enjoy his own success. He takes a long-awaited trip into the harsh and historic land of Wyoming. A freak spring blizzard blows in just as he crosses the border from Montana and hes forced to park his car on the highway in the middle of nowhere.The storm drives Liam to make a choice between the safety of the car and the possibility of finding the Sleepy W, a choice that could cost him his life. Liams choice, and its consequences, will shake up Rivers comfortable life and force her to make a difficult choice of her own.