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The Wizard of Kos: Sexy, Magical, Fantasy: Bisexual Erotica Amy Redek

The Wizard of Kos: Sexy, Magical, Fantasy: Bisexual Erotica

Amy Redek

Published June 11th 2015
Kindle Edition
211 pages
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 About the Book 

“This is going to be a wonderful foursome…”Milos Drake, a young wizard, discovers the joy of intimacy and is insatiable! He ought to be looking for a wife, but after “tasting” four candidates, he realizes that one woman is just not enough. He even has dalliances with two married women.Then, the unthinkable happens: he impregnates the women.The state of Hazelwood banishes Milos to a place where dalliance is impossible. At the island of Kos, Milos is left without a woman to bed. But nothing is impossible for Milos. With his magical knowledge and carnal determination, it’s not long before the young wizard makes his own woman, Sable.But Milos being Milos, one is just not enough so he makes Mink. When he tries his magic in making a man, the product is Kake, a woman trapped in a man’s body.When wizards from other parts of the world discover Milos’ creations, his seemingly unstoppable potency piques their interest, especially when the young wizard manages to impregnate his creations and a reporter, Alison, who can’t resist his charms.What trouble brews in the Island of Kos? It started with a population of one, but is quickly becoming a powerful country of its own!*A sexy, magical fantasy for mature audiencesSAMPLE:Having now deflowered all four of the eligible girls that he could marry, he now had to try and decide which one he should marry for he was certain that all would say yes to him if asked. But, one bite of the cherry wasn’t enough for him to come to a decision and so he continued to see all four of them on a regular basis. Not only them but he had managed to also have two of the married woman of the village…The question was then where to exile him and it took them two months to find a place where no other wizarding community existed, and this was on the Greek island of Kos...He named her Mink for she had a similar colour though not really as dark but the skin of her body was like stroking such an animal. The thing he’d managed to keep out of Sable’s mind and the same for Mink, was jealousy. This he didn’t want in these two women of his and so he now had two different women to sleep with as the mood took him…‘Milos, I’m pregnant,’ she said. ‘What?’ he cried sitting up, ‘You can’t be! I didn’t make you that way, that you could have children’ ‘Well, whatever way you made me, I am, believe me,’ she said. ‘Me too,’ said Mink. ‘Oh bloody Merlin, no,’ he said lifting up his knees and propping his arms on them and dropping his head into his hands. ‘This is too shocking to contemplate,’ he moaned. ‘Well, have another shock then Milos, for I’m pregnant too,’ said Kake.‘What!’ Milos screamed, lifting his head up, his eyes wide in disbelief. ‘You can’t be! It’s impossible! You’re a man! A man can’t have a baby!’